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Horse Trail First Aid Kit

Cotton Tipped Swabs/Cotton Tipped Applicators
Wood Applicators/Tongue Depressors
Non-Sterile Gauze
Sterile Gauze
Non-Adherent Pad/Telfa Pad
Medium Dressings/Stretch Gauze
Large Dressing/Stretch Gauze
Flexible Cohesive Wrap – 3M Vetrap/Co-Flex
Adhesive Tape
½ Pound Cotton Roll
Alcohol Wipes
Povidone Iodine Swabsticks
Eye Wash – Individual Pods
Iodine Wipes
Pint Hydrogen Peroxide
Pint Alcohol
4oz Chlorhexidine Surgical Scrub 2%
Flashlight (preferably one with a lantern feature to free up hands)
Nitrile Gloves
Hoof Pick
Pocket Scalpels
18 guage 1” Needles
Syringes 12cc, 20cc, 25cc
Thumb Forcep
Wrap Cutters/Bandage Scissors
UltraShield Towelettes
Triple Antibiotic Ointment Packets/Neo-sporin
Hydrocortisone Packets
Sting Relief Wipes
Swat Insect Repellent
Sunscreen Towelettes
Water Jel Burn Relief Packets
1 Inch Bandages
Butterfly Bandages
Triangular Bandage
Emergency Blanket
Sore No-More Liniment Gel
Medium Corona Antiseptic Ointment
Bloodstop Powder/Yunnan Baiyao powder
Wound Kote
hand sanitizing Towelettes
whinny water
Bottle Saline Solution
Package 3-ply Towels
Betadine Surgical Scrub Brush

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