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Gooseneck Vs. Bumper Pull Trailers


  • Provides stability by distributing weight evenly over the axels of the vehicle
  • Potential for swaying is minimized
  • Loss of bed room due to the hitch
  • Traditionally more expensive than a comparable bumper pull
  • More room for living quarters/storage
  • Can haul large numbers of livestock/horses
  • Tighter turning radius and better handling
  • MUST be hauled with a pickup
  • Vehicle must be equipped with the proper hitch
  • Can be more complicated to store (or find storage) due to its size
  • Great for camping
  • Does not follow the path of the vehicle in turns

Bumper Pull

  • Easy to use for most people
  • Follows the path of the tow vehicle – making turns easier for novice haulers
  • Distribution of weight will depend on how the trailer was loaded, this can affect handling
  • Does not take up any space in the bed of the vehicle
  • Can be hauled with a truck or SUV
  • Traditionally cheaper than a gooseneck
  • No added cost to acquire a specialized hitch
  • Lack of living quarters/storage area
  • Large turning radius
  • Can be easier to store than a gooseneck
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