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About Us

About Us

Stemming from humble roots on the gulf coast of Florida, I created Horse Trailer Classifieds out of frustration – believe it or not. I’m just as surprised as you are, but something had to be done. And now that we’re here, I’m sure glad it was me.

Much of my younger years were spent on the back of an Appaloosa named Leo, doing everything from team sorting to jumping to western pleasure and showmanship. That horse would do anything you asked of him and give a 110% every time! But nothing even came close to opening the gate and just setting out to ride with no where really to go. I can’t count the miles we covered, but the memories remain fresh in my mind.

After seeing countless photos on Facebook and Instagram of equestrians exploring untamed trails or chasing blue ribbons on the weekends, I got the itch to haul out my pony too. Now older, and with a new mount, I wanted to ‘open the gate’ again, this time exploring parks and even trying my hand at camping out with my horse. A quick search for trailer classifieds left my head spinning. I was drowning in a sea of ad banners and bogged through page after page of trailers, some still for sale, some long sold – why were they even on there?!

I couldn’t seem to actually ‘search’ any of these sites for my dream trailer and found myself doing most of the work to find a trailer that might suit my needs. Finally, disheartened, I gave up. Surely, there must be something better – this is the 21st century, right? Well, I couldn’t find it, so, I made it.

I wanted the most intuitive horse trailer website, so both you and I could spend our time where it needed to be most – in the saddle, and cut you trailer search from days to minutes, or maybe hours if you like to oogle over some of the fancy trailers like me ?

I wanted to bring together all the resources you may want and need as a trailer owner, from reviews of places to ride to ‘how to’ instruction on caring for your trailer. You can even keep up to date with us on (social media) and (join our mailing list) for neigh worthy articles and hot to the market trailers for sale.

Creating this site has rekindled the joy I shared when I was with Leo. Sadly, my boy crossed the rainbow bridge in 2008, but every mile was a memory and I want to share that same joy and passion with you.

I’m constantly searching for ways to improve your experience and encourage you to be a part of our journey and share any insight you might have. But if you like what you see so far, then let’s find your next trailer to hitch up!